Post-embryonic development and life table parameters of Neoseiulus californicus on Tetranychus desertorum and Panonychus citri (Acari: Phytoseiidae, Tetranychidae) under laboratory conditions


biological control
postembryonic development
survival control biológico
desarrollo postembrionario

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Tello Mercado, V.; Rojas Loyola, E.; Rioja Soto, T. Post-Embryonic Development and Life Table Parameters of Neoseiulus Californicus on Tetranychus Desertorum and Panonychus Citri (Acari: Phytoseiidae, Tetranychidae) under Laboratory Conditions. Gayana 2020, 84, 37-46.


The postembryonic development, and life table parameters of the Neoseiulus californicus were studied under laboratory conditions in order to evaluate the potentiality of this depredator for feeding on two phytophages mites Tetranychus desertorum (desert spider mite) and Panonychus citri (red spider mite). Tetranychus desertorum and P. citri may be considered as optimal food for N. californicus, which obtained survival rates of 100 %, on them. The time of the postembryonic development was significantly different (p < 0.05) between both diets. The periods of ovoposition, postoviposition and longevity of the N. californicus were 17.17; 4.37 and 22.53 days, respectively, fed with T. desertorum, and 14.84; 5.23 and 21.06 days, respectively, fed with P. citri. The demographic parameters of N. californicus obtained fed with T. desertorum and P. citri were: intrinsic rate of increase (rm) = 0.269±0.004 and 0.307±0.004, mean generation time (T) = 12.847±0.185 and 10.791±0.142, net reproductive rate (Ro) = 31.792±1.478 and 27.352±1.187, finite rate of increase (λ) = 1.309±0.006 and 1.359±0.006, respectively. The high values of rm and λ registered for N. californicus under experimental conditions are indicators of control potential that this phytoseiid presented as a predator over these phytophages mites.
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