Phylogenetic study of the genera of Trichopterygini from Austral South American (Lepidoptera: Geometridae): a new classification

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Parra, L. E.; Vargas, H. A.; Sanzana, M.-J.; Hernández, C. E. Phylogenetic Study of the Genera of Trichopterygini from Austral South American (Lepidoptera: Geometridae): A New Classification. Gayana 2017, 81, 64-99.


Phylogenetic study of the genera of South American Austral Trichopterygini (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Larentiinae): a new classification. In this work, we evaluate the taxonomy of the Trichopterygini in Chile based on a phylogenetic analysis of the morphological attributes. In our analysis, we used Tatosoma and Sauris as outgroups. Two approaches were used to evaluate phylogenetic relationships: 1) parsimony criterion, and 2) Bayesian inference. Parsimony analysis was conducted in PAUP software, and Bayesian analysis with Markov chain Monte Carlo using the BayesPhylogenies software. Our results based on the phylogenetic hypothesis suggest a new taxonomic order for Trichopterygini of the Andean Region of Southern South America. The valid genera are: Arrayanaria Parra, Butleriana Parra, Danielaparra Kemal & Kocak, Fueguina Parra, Hoplosauris Butler, Lagynopteryx Berg, Llampidken Parra & Santos-Salas, Pachrophylla Blanchard, Parapachrophylla Parra, Rindgenaria Parra, Tomopteryx Philippi, Triptila Warren, Triptiloides Parra & Santos-Salas, Warrenaria Parra. The main changes with respect to the previous taxonomic order are: 1) the genus Lagynopteryx Berg is subordinated under the Trichopterygini; 2) Toxopaltes Warren is a junior synonym of Lagynopteryx; 3) Hoplosauris moesta is transferred to the genus Llampidken; 4) Llampidken valdiviana is a junior synonym of L. moesta; 5) Oparabia arenosa is newly combined with the genus Arrayanaria; 6) Danielaparra viridis is a junior synonym of D. fragmentata; 7) Lobophora imbricaria is newly combined with the genus Danielaparra; 8) Triptiloides fasciata is a junior synonym of T. randallae; and 9) Parapachrophylla michelleae Parra n. sp. is described. Andean Region species are more closely related to the genus Tatosoma from New Zealand, the synapomorphies that demonstrate this are: swollen metaepimeron and hypertrophy of the second abdominal segment. A checklist of the genera and species of the tribe in the region, and the figures of adults and genitalia of some species are included.



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