Individual growth in Jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi) of the Southeastern Pacific Ocean using sagitta otolith weight, daily rings, and annual rings


estimator of the age
growth parameters
otolith weight
t (years) estimador de la edad
parámetros de crecimiento
peso de otolitos
t (años)

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Arancibia, H.; Cisterna, L.; Sepúlveda, A. Individual Growth in Jack Mackerel (Trachurus Murphyi) of the Southeastern Pacific Ocean Using Sagitta Otolith Weight, Daily Rings, and Annual Rings. Gayana 2021, 85, 95-102.


We estimated the growth of Jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi) using increments of daily growth, otolith weight and annual ring reading in sagittal otoliths. The daily micro-increments were used to fit ring density to the otolith radius (n = 4481) and then to estimate the age of the individual in days. The parameters of the von Bertalannfy growth equation were: maximum theoretical fork length, FL = 75 cm; individual growth coefficient, K = 0.16 year-1; theoretical age at which fish length is zero, t0= –0.19 years. The growth parameters of T. murphyi estimated using annual rings reading were: K = 0.10 year-1, FL = 74.7 cm, t0 = –0.50 years. The growth parameters estimated using otolith weight were: K = 0.15 year-1, FL = 75.0 cm, t0 = –0.48 years. The parameter K estimated with the daily micro-increments was similar to the K estimated using sagittal otolith weights. We constructed a size-age key for T. murphyi using otolith weight, OW (milligrams) as a variable was: OW= 0.0323*t-15.197 (r2= 0.68). We recommend using otolith weight to estimate age in T. murphyi due to this technique is statistically reliable, but also cheap and fast.
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Copyright (c) 2021 Hugo Arancibia, Lilian Cisterna, Aquiles Sepúlveda


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