Multitrofic association between Raulí (Nothofagus alpina), Dihueñe (Cyttaria espinosae) and Anastomyza flies (Diptera: Heleomyzidae), La Araucanía Region, Chile
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biotrophic parasites
multitrophic interactions
ontogenetic associations


In this work we characterize the association between Nothofagus alpina (Nothofagaceae), Cyttaria espinosae Lloyd, (1917) (Leotiomycetes) and Anastomyza flies (Heleomyzidae). These dipterans were found as larvae mainly in C. espinosae with mature stromata, and as adults over open apothecia. This suggests that beside of feeding on reproductive structures, these Anastomyza may contribute with spore dispersion. We discuss about the factors allow the preservation of plant-fungi-insect ecological associations.
PDF (Español (España))
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