First finding of the tick Amblyomma tigrinum parasitizing a Molina’s hog-nosed skunk, Conepatus chinga (Molina 1782), in South America


Amblyomma tigrinum
Conepatus chinga
rural area Amblyomma tigrinum
Conepatus chinga
área rural

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Manqui, J.; Hernández, F. A.; Silva-de la Fuente, M. C.; Acosta-Jamett, G. First Finding of the Tick Amblyomma Tigrinum Parasitizing a Molina’s Hog-Nosed Skunk, Conepatus Chinga (Molina 1782), in South America. Gayana 2022, 86, 59-64.


Adult individuals of Amblyomma tigrinum were collected for the first time from a Molina´s hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus chinga), captured in a rural area of north-central Chile, which were described and identified morphologically. There are scarce studies that address the role of the skunk as ectoparasite host; however, the great plasticity of A. tigrinum to inhabit different environments and its strict to moderate specificity for Carnivora order suggest this mephitid as a potentially suitable host for this tick species.
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Copyright (c) 2022 Jonatan Manqui, Felipe A. Hernández, María C. Silva-de la Fuente, Gerardo Acosta-Jamett


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