Natural history of Liolaemus lorenzmuelleri (Hellmich 1950), a poorly known species from the highlands of central north Chile, with description of the accompanying reptile community
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Liolaemus lorenzmuelleri abundance
Lioalemus lorenzmuelleri

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Lobos, G. Natural History of Liolaemus Lorenzmuelleri (Hellmich 1950), a Poorly Known Species from the Highlands of Central North Chile, With Description of the Accompanying Reptile Community. Gayana 2022, 86, 31-39.


Liolaemus lorenzmuelleri is a poorly known species from the high Andes of central Chile. In order to contribute to the knowledge of this reptile, a study on aspects related to its distribution, density and diet was carried out. The reptile community was composed of nine species, of which L. lorenzmuelleri and L. robertoi occupied the higher altitude environments, the relative densities were low for the high-altitude species and high for those from the lowlands. Liolaemus lorenzmuelleri predominated in low-altitude scrub environments (2.990 to 3.430 masl). Its relative density was low, reaching a maximum of 0.15 individuals in 100 m2, it does not generally overlap with other species and it was only recorded in the summer season. The species presented sexual dimorphism in size and weight in favor of the males, its activity was maximum at the hottest hours and the diet presented an important vegetable component. Its restricted distribution and the important mining activity in its distribution area, are in line with its category of threatened species.
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