Observation of the growth of a bifurcated tail in the Chilean Marked Gecko, Garthia gaudichaudii (Squamata, Phyllodactylidae)


antipredatory behavior
caudal regenerative anomalies
lizard anomalías regenerativas caudales
comportamiento antidepredatorio

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Reyes-Olivares, C.; Campos-Cifuentes, F.; Penna, M. Observation of the Growth of a Bifurcated Tail in the Chilean Marked Gecko, Garthia Gaudichaudii (Squamata, Phyllodactylidae). Gayana 2023, 87, 82-85.


Many lizards (Superorder Lepidosauria) can regenerate their tail after fully or partially autotomizing it. However, abnormalities in regeneration can sometimes occur, such as the growth of one or more additional tails from wounds produced, for example, by incomplete autotomy. In this work, we describe the growth of an additional tail (i.e., bifurcated tail formation) in the endemic Chilean gecko, Garthia gaudichaudii, which reached a total length of 7.1 mm in 48 days of captivity.

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