Update on the geographical distribution of Chaltenobatrachus grandisonae (Lynch, 1975)
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Aysen region
Magallanes region
Patagonian frogs
Puerto Eden frog
range extension


The Puerto Eden frog (Chaltenobatrachus grandisonae) is a poorly understood species that has been documented in few locations. We conducted field surveys and literature review to compile records for the species and compared the resulting distribution with that noted by the IUCN. We gathered a total of 65 records, corresponding to 33 locations, which confirmed the northern distribution limit and updating the southern limit with an increase of 491 km. Our results indicate an updated distribution area of 64,601 km2, 85% larger than previously documented by IUCN. In addition, our data extend the time range of breeding onset by three months (until beginning of December), and we hypothesize that the timing of the breeding period varies according to local climate.

PDF (Español (España))
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