The northernmost record of the Neotropical giant damselfly Megaloprepus caerulatus (Drury, 1782) (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) in the American continent
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distribution, Hidalgo, Mexico, first record, Xochiatipan

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Escoto-Moreno, J. A.; Hernández-Hernández, A.; Hernández-Hernández, J. A.; Márquez Luna, J.; Silva-Briano, M.; Novelo-Gutiérrez, R. The Northernmost Record of the Neotropical Giant Damselfly Megaloprepus Caerulatus (Drury, 1782) (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) in the American Continent. Gayana 2018, 82, 90-93.


Megaloprepus caerulatus (Drury, 1782) is one of the largest damselflies in the world and it is recorded here for the first time in Acomul, state of Hidalgo, Mexico, being this the northernmost record known in the American Continent, which allows us to discuss its current geographic distribution and its taxonomic status.
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