First record of the Andean-mountain cavy Microcavia niata (Caviidae, Rodentia) from Peru


Conservation, Puna Biogeographic Province, Rodents. Conservación, Provincia biogeográfica Puna, Roedores.

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Zeballos, H.; Pari, A.; Pino, K.; Medina, C. E.; Córdova, J.; Quispe, R. First Record of the Andean-Mountain Cavy Microcavia Niata (Caviidae, Rodentia) from Peru. Gayana 2018, 82, 85-89.


We report for the first time the presence of the Andean-Mountain Cavy, Microcavia niata, in Peru, being a new genus and species for Peruvian wildlife. We base our report on two specimens found in the highlands of Tacna, southwestern Peru.


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