Real and potential distribution of the hyperparasitoid genus Mesochorus Gravenhorst (Ichneumonidae: Mesochorinae) in Brazil


parasitoid wasp
species distribution modeling avispa parasitoide
modelación de distribución de especies

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Araujo, R. O.; Garrido, R.; Neiva Mesquita-Neto, J.; Monzón Godoy, V. H. Real and Potential Distribution of the Hyperparasitoid Genus Mesochorus Gravenhorst (Ichneumonidae: Mesochorinae) in Brazil. Gayana 2019, 83, 135-140.


Mesochorus species are hyperparasitoids capable of nullifying biological control agents. This study is the first to map and predict the distribution of this genus in Brazil. Species distribution modeling was used to estimate the potential distribution of Mesochorus. We obtained 72 occurrence records of 49 Mesochorus species, being 30 endemics. According to our prediction model, this genus can be distributed in all Brazilian biomes, with higher suitability of occurrence in the Atlantic Forest and lower in the Caatinga and Pampa.
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Copyright (c) 2019 Rodrigo O. Araujo, Rubén Garrido, José Neiva Mesquita-Neto, Víctor Hugo Monzón Godoy


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