First record of predation on an adult of Calyptocephalella gayi (Dúmeril & Bibron, 1841) (Anura, Calyptocephalellidae) by Ardea cocoi Linnaeus, 1766 (Pelecaniformes, Ardeidae)
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Chilean giant frog
Cocoi heron
endemic amphibian
frog predators
urban wetland anfibio endémico
depredadores de ranas
garza cuca
humedal urbano
rana grande chilena

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Durán, F.; Peralta, G.; Correa, C. First Record of Predation on an Adult of Calyptocephalella Gayi (Dúmeril &Amp; Bibron, 1841) (Anura, Calyptocephalellidae) by Ardea Cocoi Linnaeus, 1766 (Pelecaniformes, Ardeidae). Gayana 2021, 85, 153-157.


We report for the first time the predation of an adult Chilean frog (Calyptocephalella gayi) by the Cocoi heron (Ardea cocoi), an event that was recorded in video. The observation was made in the summer of 2021 in a pond located in an area disturbed by livestock farming. This record adds to the scarce information about predation on Chilean frog, particularly on large adults, suggesting an important role of A. cocoi as a predator of aquatic amphibians in Chile.
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