Suggestions to improve the Chilean regulation of manipulation of terrestrial vertebrates in natural populations in the context of scientific research
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biological conservation
scientific collection colecta científica
conservación biológica
Comité de Bioética

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D’Elia, G.; Jaksic, F.; Bacigalupe, L. D.; Bozinovic, F.; Canto, J. L.; Correa, C.; Fontúrbel, F. E.; Lisón, F.; Méndez, M. A.; Nespolo, R.; Opazo, J. C.; Palma, R. E.; Rau, J. R.; Rodríguez, S. M.; Rodríguez-Serrano, E.; Sabat, P.; Vásquez, R. A.; Victoriano, P. Suggestions to Improve the Chilean Regulation of Manipulation of Terrestrial Vertebrates in Natural Populations in the Context of Scientific Research. Gayana 2019, 83, 63-67.


In Chile, the manipulation for scientific purposes of terrestrial vertebrates from natural populations is conducted previous authorization of the Agricultural and Livestock Service and various Bioethics Committees. Obtaining such authorizations is becoming increasingly complex. The procedures do not fit the reality of scientific work, and they seem to be based on unjustified assessments of the effects of animal handling on natural populations. The aim of this commentary is to initiate a discussion in order to establish a norm of scientific manipulation of terrestrial vertebrates adjusted to biological reality and that does not interfere with scientific research.
PDF (Español (España))


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